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Name: Carol Chou
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E-mail: info@iregal-charger.com
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Add: No.138, Dongfu Road, Dong Feng Town,Zhongshan,Guangdong,528425,China.
Skype: carol.zhou3
QQ: 3303743672
QQ: 3367622009
QQ: 2744886244
Skype: carol.zhou3 QQ: 3303743672 QQ: 3367622009 QQ: 2744886244 info@iregal-charger.com info3@iregal-charger.com info4@iregal-charger.com

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Zhongshan i-Regal Electronics Co., Ltd is a strong team with professional employees whose working experience over 6 years, specialized in designing and manufacturing travel chargers,car chargers,USB chargers and USB cables with self-developed designs and moulds. 98% goods export per month, mainly exported to Europe, the North and South America, the Middle East and Southeast Asia.

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Skype: carol.zhou3 3303743672 3367622009 2744886244 info@iregal-charger.com info3@iregal-charger.com info4@iregal-charger.com